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Choose Straps For Your Sports Watch India

When buying a sports watch, there are many details to consider to get the right decision, both for you and to make a gift. In addition to being a functional element that tells us the time, the sports watch is a complement that transmits much of the style and personality of the wearer. In that sense, the strap is one of the most characteristic features of the sports watch and influences different aspects that go from the material to the design.

Although when choosing a sports watch, we usually concentrate mainly on the design of the dial, the strap is also very important because it can limit its use when playing sports. If you only use it in everyday situations or on special occasions, the metal strap will not be a problem. Logically, if our target is sports watches, surely we will have to use it for activities that may compromise its integrity.

Obviously, the material of the strap is usually linked to the brand. Nobody imagines a sports watch of the great Swiss high-end brands with a plastic strap, since their prestige is based on resorting to the most precious materials. In the most classical style sports watches where elegance is sought, the leather provides a sober touch that can go unnoticed by the naked eye but in short distances denotes a lot of class. Today, we can find the most informal watches, sports or even geeks, those that have more durable straps, ready to be used while doing sports, in extreme activities or underwater. In this type of watches, we can find silicone or rubber straps. In addition to that greater resistance to blows, friction, sweat, etc.  In recent times, we also see how cloth straps are becoming fashionable in the world of sports again. They are very comfortable because they can be washed and will fit perfectly to your wrist. In addition, you can change the strap very often while keeping the dial and it will look like you have a new sports watch.

Types of sports watch straps per material

As seen above, the material is a fundamental part since it will determine the quality of the strap of your sports watch. As a result, some  great materials to choose as regards the straps for your sports watch include:

 Leather sports watch straps

The leather sports watch straps can be a good choice, as they provide an additional touch of style that blends perfectly with any sports garment. There are leather straps of different colors such as black, brown or even red and also of different qualities, of course, the finest and most elegant are those made of natural leather, but synthetic leather also has its advantages.

Genuine leather is usually made of calf leather and has different qualities depending on the dyeing process that has followed. It is flexible, has a soft touch, and its surface looks natural with marks and scars on it. A quality leather strap usually ages along with the sports watch and go earning marks with the use that make it more interesting with the passage of time.

Now, an imitation strap may be less elegant, but if it is well made, it is possible that it will last better than a natural leather strap. The best quality is usually a mixture of fabric or polyurethane, and the worst are PVC. In any case, everything depends on the watch, and the quality of the bracelet must always accompany the price of the watch, whatever the material may be.

Metal sports watch straps

The metal straps are possibly one among the best for daily use, given the ease with which they can be put on or removed and the resistance offered by the metal. Usually, the metal strap only fits the wrist for which it has been adjusted, and the closure is as fast as closing a brooch, so they are the best in terms of daily sports use. Also, in this case, they can be divided into different types depending on the type of metal and the way in which the links are arranged. The most common are steel and titanium, the latter being the best for its greater strength, reduced weight and resistance to corrosion.

 Rubber sports watch straps

If it is a sport watch, rubber straps or any other plastic material are undoubtedly one among the best option. They are comfortable, light, resistant, and can be easily washed. These properties make the straps of plastic materials like rubber, a good idea in watches that will spend a lot of time in contact with water and sweat. The most common rubber straps are rubber straps, but they can also be found in other materials with similar properties such as silicone and polyurethane.

All of them share the same properties of resistance and flexibility. In addition, there are of all colors, so there is no doubt that they will always renew the appearance of your watch.

 Nylon sports watch straps

The nylon sports watch straps and other similar fabrics are characterized by their versatility, as they can adopt any design within a wide range of colors. They are also elegant, so there are many sports brands that use them. You could say that they are for a more casual look than leather since they are more colorful. Although depending on the design, they can also be used to complement your casual dresses. They are also more resistant and lighter.

Although nylon may look like a flimsy material, we must remember that many of the straps used to hold heavy goods are made of this material, given their high tensile strength. It is also a cheap material, which allows you to get many of these straps for what a good leather bracelet is worth.

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