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How To Take Care Of Your Sports Watch

Beautiful, elegant, and timeless, sports watches have long since ceased to be considered accessories for the sole purpose of telling us the time. Today, they have risen to the status of luxury goods and classical jewelry. It is common today to buy a sports watch less for its utility and more as a form of investment, especially if the piece in question is signed by a renowned brand. As with a property or car (when properly maintained), the watch can be passed to the next generation without losing its value – so all care is little to keep the piece in good condition.

Anyone who has a habit of using the accessory on a day-to-day basis knows how challenging it can be to keep the watch free of scratches, dirt, and always running. It is necessary, for example, to leave the leather bracelets well away from wet or damp places, to remove the accessory at times of washing the dishes or to take a shower and to choose the most appropriate model for the occasion (when practicing an impact sport, rubber band and simplified system are the most recommended) in order to avoid damages and losses.

To ensure that your sports watch has a long life and always in its best state, below are some tips on how to take care of your sports watch:

 1. Change the battery of your sports watch every two years

Unlike mechanical clocks, where stringing is sufficient for the accessory to work, many more affordable models of sports watches come with batteries that need to be changed periodically to keep them running. Ideally, the battery should be changed every two years to ensure that the accessory does not stop working unexpectedly. It is also important to note that at the end of the life of a battery, it should be changed as soon as possible. As long as it remains on the watch, deterioration can damage the inside of the watch.

2. Keep your watch away from magnetic appliances

In the technological age in which we live, it can be tricky to follow this cliché strictly, especially when we do not know which gadgets of our day to day may be magnetic. In doubt, keep your sports watch well away from televisions, computers, microwave ovens, scanners, and medical equipment. The magnetism present in these devices, when very strong, can affect both the electronic components present in digital clocks and the motor that moves the hands on the analog models, slowing it down, accelerating it or even stopping it.

 3. When not in use, keep the watch safely

At the end of a stressful and tiring day, your first impulse when you get home may be to take the watch off your wrist and drop it anywhere until the next time you use it. Needless to say, this can be dangerous to the parts, as you can accidentally knock it down – and cause scratches on the watch case – or leave it too exposed to dirt, which damages the intricate mechanism inside it. Ideally, after each use, the watch should be stored back in its original box or in a specific case, away from children.

 4. Every four years or when necessary, take it for professional maintenance

Just like any accessory that you constantly use in your day to day, your sports watch needs periodic maintenance to ensure it works properly and prevent unforeseen events from happening when least expected. The ideal practice is to take the piece to the watchmaker at least once every four years for a “general examination” of security. In addition to ensuring that everything is (and remains) well, the professional is also best suited to clean the parts, both outside and inside, where the mechanism is delicate and more susceptible to suffer over time.

 5. Take care of possible shocks and daily collisions

It is common for us to be so accustomed to the wristwatch that, in the day-to-day running, we forget to take the utmost care of the accessory and end up hitting the arm on a wide variety of surfaces (wall, table, etc.). And this can cause serious scratches. In addition to taking away some of its beauty, these small and seemingly innocent impacts can damage the inside of the watch, which features several small, fragile little things. To avoid this injury, it is worth taking some more cautious measures with the sports watch, especially an expensive one.

 6. Always adjust the levers when necessary

Whenever it is necessary to set the levers of your watch (for example, when traveling to a different time zone than usual), it is best to do this with the part outside the wrist. This is because changing the pointers or setting of the accessory still on the arm can interfere with its accuracy, as well as increase the risk of soiling it with the oiliness of the body. When it comes to digital sports watches, you should still remember to never adjust it between 9 pm and 3 am, as this can damage them. The tip also applies to watches with annual or perpetual calendars.

7. Do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures

Leaving your sports watch exposed excessively in the sun or very high temperatures can be extremely detrimental to the accessory. This is because the sudden rise of temperature affects the lubricant inside the watch, which allows the parts to move more easily. At high temperatures, the lubricant tends to evaporate much more quickly than would normally happen, which impairs the smooth operation of the mechanism. The only case in which the sun’s heat is welcome (briefly) to the watch is in long-stored parts, to remove the mold.

8. Have more than one model to use in your daily activities

Using the same sports watch day after day, for years on end usually causes the piece to wear out a lot more quickly, and repairs would be required at an earlier stage. To avoid overloading the piece, the tip is to have more than one sports watch. Spending also does not have to be the same for everyone: give priority to what you need most according to your lifestyle. If you practice many sports, for example, invest more in diverse sports model.

Take Care Of Your Sports Watch

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