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Ezip M3 India Review

Today we will be reviewing Ezip M3 Intelligence Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band Watch .This a super cheap fitness tracker available at Amazon India currently at 399INR Check Prices on Amazon here. The box contains a small manual and the tracker itself, but most of the time the manual is in Chinese and English language. The fitness tracker synchronizes with the “LEFUN HEALTH App” from either Android or Apple app store. A QR code is available in the manual, which can be scanned by your phone camera which will take you to the site to download the app. Once you peel off the plastic sticker the band looks like a copy of MI band 3 from Xiaomi (check our review here)

For switching on the Ezip M3, press and hold the home button for 2 seconds. Don’t forget to remove the extra plastic cover from the home button, otherwise the tracker won’t turn on. One positive aspect about Ezip M3 smart watch is that this tracker is that it does not use any proprietary charger and the charging connector is embedded within the tracker itself,this means that you can connect this tracker to any standard USB port or powerbank to charge it

Syncing with the app is simple, switch on the Bluetooth on your phone, scan for the tracker and connect it and then open the LEFUN App. It will start syncing with the tracker. The app is poorly designed By using the app you can set alarms, and if synchronized with your tracker will vibrate to wake you up gently.

Ezip M3 fitness tracker can track steps , measure distance walked, calories burned, Heart rate in BPM, sleep, pedometer and even the blood pressure. But the measurement are not accurate. The app shows heart rate even without wearing the tracker on your wrist and how it is even possible to check blood pressure ? Battery life is the worst with ONE DAY. The build quality of the M3 fitness tracker is very poor with bad quality plastics.

Warranty is for 6 months
There are many clones of the same tracker with different names available in Amazon India such as

WUNDERSCHON Activity Tracker (check price on Amazon India)
Harikrishnavilla Men’s and Women’s Bracelet (check price on Amazon India)
Clothsfab Digital Activity Tracker Band 3 (check price on Amazon India)
Hk Villa Activity Tracker (check price on Amazon India)
Marvik M3 Smart Fitness Band Activity Tracker (check price on Amazon India)
Ardith Activity Tracker/Bracelet Watch for Men (check price on Amazon India)

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