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Honor Band 4 India Review (Real Photos)

The Honor Band 4 India and the Mi Band 3 share a lot of similarities like the specs and most importantly the price. So let’s do a comparison between the two .

Honor Band 4 IndiaPrice on Amazon India 2599 INR (Check latest price)

Mi Band 3 Price on Amazon India 1999 INR (Check latest price)

The Honor Band 4 India has 0.95 inches display whereas the Mi Band 3 has 0.78 inches and of course the color display looks much better. In the outdoor conditions, they both do a decent job but under extreme sunlight conditions they both are very unreadable, but I’ll give a slight edge to the Honor Band 4. The user interface on the honor band 4 is way more polished and feels so fluid. Even the touch response and the accuracy feels much better and this is a big deal for me personally and the Honor Band wins hands down in this department. Both of them have the same IP rating and also the Bluetooth 4.2 which is really important for Bluetooth range.

They both can notify you of calls and SMS and you can actually silent or reject the call but you cannot really accept the call on both the bands. I found the font to be slightly smaller on the Honor Band 4 despite being a bigger display. Also, the Mi Band can show both the missed calls and the SMS but Honor Band only shows the missed messages but it does not show the missed calls which is a bit weird.

When it comes to activities and work out, the Mi Band 3 has this option exercise where it starts measuring heart rate and all the other stuff together simultaneously whereas things are more sorted out on the Honor Band. heart rate comparison side-by-side and always the Mi Band 3 was slightly slower. We also noticed this even with the Mi Band 2 comparison it was slower.

Now, I also did a small workout and after that I wanted to see how the heart rate measurement goes. And here it is guys after a few push-ups; 135 on the Honor Band 4 India, 120 on the Mi Band 3. Let me try this one more time. Now it’s 122 and 118.

Moving on to the sleep tracking. I wore both the bands and slept and the next day these are the results that I found in the app. You can see that the deep sleep was counted pretty differently but you can also see that the wake-up time and the sleep time were pretty close as well. I feel the Honor Band under-reported the deep sleep but I will have to test out more and I’ll update you soon guys.

The more important thing is the pedometer. Now, I wore both the bands all day and these are the results that I had to share at the end of the day. Okay, so I’ve been wearing both of these bands all day and you can see the steps at the end of the day. I mean this is almost you may say 8 o’clock or something. Basically, you can see the Mi Band 3 actually counted 8014 steps and the Honor Band actually counted 8278. So, there is not much of a difference.

When it comes to the app support, I don’t like the Honor app counting the steps on its own. I mean this is not really needed. I wish I could disable it but in terms of features and settings both the Mi-Fit and Honor app do a very good job. You get all the reports and analytics in a very elaborate manner.

Rough estimate battery analytics  is that it can easily last for about four to six days with minimum notifications and sleep tracking on so that is pretty good. But of course, with the same usage pattern, the Mi Band 3 can last up to ten to twelve days.

1. Smart band
2. Charging dock (black, with micro usb port for cable & pogo pins for band )
3. Micro USB cable (white)
4. Quick Start Guide & warranty booklet

1. Screen 10/10
2. Battery 9/10
3. Performance 9/10
4. Build 9/10
5. Sensors 9/10
6. BT Range 9/10
▶Overall: 9.2

1. Budget device with solid features inside.
2. Colour high density AMOLED touch screen with 2.5D curved edges glass top. You may apply screenguard on top for extra protection. (gesture detail below)
3. Extra touch button below screen to work as back, home button or to perform specific actions (gesture detail below)
4. Device is responsive with fast touch & good performance overall.
5. Light weight (22.7g only), compact & comfortable to wear. At times you even forget wearing it.
6. Very good visibility in direct sunlight (images attached).
7. Decent battery life, up to 20 days (details below).
8. Water resistant up to 50mtr. Did initial water test by putting it in water tray n no issues were there. (images attached)
9. Easy initial setup & configuration. (details below & images attached)
10. Pretty decent feature set for activity tracker (details below).
11. 24 hours sleep tracking. 00:00 to 23:59. Some bands offer tracking only during night.
12. Fairly accurate heart rate sensor with continuous monitoring feature & alert at set rate.
13. Easy to understand user interface. Not cluttered. (images attached)
14. Auto sync of data to Health app, whenever connected to phone.
15. Compatible with both Android & iOS devices.
16. Idle alert to let you take a break & have a walk.
17. Strap with easy to remove clip lock is highly secure. Use nails via minor gap on one side of clip, to pull it out.
18. Replaceable straps is an add on. Choose your taste. But availability is an issue.

1. No power on button. Power off option is provided in settings, but to power on you need to connect it to charging dock. Not a big deal as its not meant to be switched off.
2. Camera remote shutter & outdoor cycling exclusive to Honor mobiles.
3. Proprietary charging dock with pogo pins. Micro USB would have been better as its handy. But may be water resistance ate it up.
4. Going through message or notification or conversations is an issue. Its interface is very slow & it renders it almost useless (details below)
5. Only 3 watch faces. Hope to get more via updates. UPDATE: New watch face added in fw So 4 now. (image updated)
6. Very small usb cable. Only 7.5 inches long.
7. No dedicated website or store for getting genuine replacements or accessories. Others elsewhere are costly & have quality issues.
8. No inbuilt GPS supposrt
9. No Music control
10. Step counter at times skip steps & realtime update of steps in band is slow. Fixable via update. Rest for short walks of 10-15 steps, it may not count even which is an issue with every tracker (as informed by Honor).

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