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Mi Band 3 India Review(Real Photos)

The Mi Band has to be the most popular fitness band out there. The Mi Band 1, the Mi Band 2, they’ve both been really successful and now that the Mi Band 3 is here the question is, does the Mi Band 3 manage to continue Xiaomi’s streak of some amazing fitness bands? Let’s find out.

Mi band 3 India is available on Amazon India (see the latest price here) Currently with a 10% discount at 1999INR. The Mi Band 3 brings a lot of new improvements and changes but is it really as much of an improvement over the Mi Band 2 as it seems to be?. There’s a beautiful curved design to the main body or the brain of the Mi Band 3 and even with the display off it looks gorgeous. That’s one of the first major differences between the Mi Band 3 and the older Mi Bands. I mean the original Mi Band didn’t have a display. The second had one but it wasn’t the touchscreen and honestly, that button looked weird. This third-generation Mi Band, on the other hand, is simply stunning. Be advised, the Mi bands have always been some of the best-built fitness trackers for the price and the Mi Band 3 is no exception to that rule. all-glass front it might look susceptible to cracks and scratches but I’ve been wearing this thing for a couple of weeks now and it’s really only gotten some minor scratches and that’s all. One thing I really don’t like is that taking the main body of the Mi Band 3 out of the band itself feels like I might end up cracking the display since I have to apply so much pressure on it. The Mi Band 2 also had a screen up front but still, it felt much better than this, maybe because it was a flat screen instead of this curved glass on the Mi Band 3.

The strap itself hasn’t changed all that much . It has always been similar in the Mi Band, the Mi Band 2 and it feels pretty much the same with the Mi Band 3. It’s the same silicone material that is honestly quite flexible and strong. The latch is pretty much similar to what it has always been and I’m not complaining. The Mi Band 3’s latch looks modern and is easy to take on and off as required. Plus with the Mi Band 3, the band comes in three colors. You can get the strap in orange, dark blue and black. So, that is cool.

Like the Mi Band 2, the Mi Band 3 is water-resistant. Xiaomi hasn’t revealed an IP rating for

it but their website says that it is water-resistant up to five ATMs which means up to 50 meters which is really impressive as compared to the IP67 rating on the Mi Band 2. If you’re working out, or you’re using it in the rain or even if you’re taking it out for a light swim it should hold up fine.

Overall as far as the design and build are concerned the Mi Band 3 is definitely a worthy upgrade. It looks good, it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s water-resistant and it’s got a touchscreen. Talking about the display, it’s a 0.78 inch OLED display and it’s pretty good. The display here gets considerably brighter than the Mi Band 2 plus it has a display density of 193 ppi which is pretty sharp for a fitness band. In fact, it’s one of the sharpest displays I have seen on a fitness band. Plus the Mi Band 3‘s display improves upon the Mi Band 2’s display by quite a considerable margin.

Mi Band 3 has a full touch screen OLED display, unlike the older Mi Band. The Mi Band 3 does have a button like the Mi Band 2 but it’s more stealthily built and I like it more. You can just tap on the button to go home and long press to perform certain actions like starting heart rate tracking, stopwatch and more.

Coming to the features there’s a lot to talk about here. Like the Mi Band 2, the Mi Band 3 can measure your steps as well. There are also the other usual features like the distance you have walked and the calories you burn, both of which are important features. There is also sleep tracking and heart rate tracking which now has some additional features like the ability to set heart rate measurement to a specific time interval which was missing in the Mi Band 2.  Set it to one minute so that the band measures your heart rate every one minute.Do keep in mind that this does drain your battery a lot but more on that later. So those were the fitness features in Mi Band 3, but there are a lot of cool new features that was simply not there in the Mi Band 2.

There is the stopwatch which is a really handy feature if you want to time your workouts. The Mi Band 3 can also locate your smartphone with just a couple of taps and that’s a godsend for people like me who forget their phones randomly in the house. Plus the Mi Band 3 handles notifications a lot better than the Mi Band 2. Unlike the Mi Band 2, you can just press hold on the button in the Mi Band 3 to silence an incoming call which can be pretty handy because you don’t need to pull your phone out of the pocket every time you get a spam call. Also, unlike the Mi Band 2, you can now see your notifications on the Mi Band 3 which is something I’ve always wanted in a Mi Band. You still can’t reply to notifications but that’s ok I guess.

Another thing I really like on the Mi Band 3 is the ability to change the band face directly from the band itself which was impossible in the Mi Band 2. Other than that the Mi Band 3 comes in

two variants; one with NFC and one without . Now NFC should make it easier to pair the device with your smartphone and it will also be used for making payments but that might only work in China and it really shouldn’t affect us, Indian users.

Mi Band 3 India

Even  though the Mi Band 3 is a fitness tracker by definition it can quite easily pass as a smartwatch thanks to the sheer number of features it has. But what enables these features to work the way they do is the great Mi-Fit App. The app brings you all the data you need. You can see the steps you’ve walked, the distance, the calories burned and all your activity in an interface which looks really good. You can also see the sleep data and there are details like

the amount of time you were in deep sleep, the time you were in light sleep and the amount of time you were awake in the middle of the night.

Lastly, there’s the heart rate data which gives you a useful analysis including how long you were in a relaxed state or how long you were doing something intensive and more. There are a lot more features in the Mi-Fit app and honestly, the app is really good which really makes the Mi Band experience satisfying.

Now about  battery life. Now, Mi Bands have always been known to have some amazing battery life and the Mi Band 3 lives up to that name. Well, sort of. The Mi Band 3 brings a larger 110 mAh battery when compared to the 70 mAh battery on the Mi Band 2. Now, Xiaomi claims that the Mi Band 3 can last up to 20 days on a single charge but they specifically mentioned that

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that’s when you use manual heart tracking. In my usage, I set the Mi Band 3 to automatically measure my heart rate every 10 minutes and I note the warning that popped up and well the Mi Band 3 lasted for around 10 days which is still pretty impressive. The Mi Band 2 used to last me around 15 days on a full charge but then again it didn’t have automatic heart rate tracking.

When it comes to charging, the Mi Band 3 obviously takes longer to charge than the Mi Band 2.  I charge the Mi Band 3 to 100% starting from when it was completely dead and it took me around 3 hours. Basically, I personally preferred charging it overnight.

To sum things up the Mi Band 3 is a huge upgrade over the Mi Band 2 in almost everywhere. It has a display that’s bigger, touch-enabled and brighter than the display on the Mi Band 2. It has additional features like stopwatch, detailed notifications and more detailed heart rate data. It also has way better water resistance as compared to the Mi Band 2 plus it has a pretty amazing battery life even with automatic heart rate tracking enabled, something that the Mi Band 2 didn’t even support.

If you’re wondering, the Mi Band 3 is definitely 10 times better than the Mi Band 2 Whether you’re looking for a new budget fitness tracker or wondering if you should upgrade from the Mi Band 2, I would suggest the Mi Band 3 in a heartbeat. (see the latest price here) Real Mi band 3 India Photo below

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