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The Mi band HRX Review 2019

This is a review of the latest fitness band by Xiaomi and we will be also compare it with Mi band 2 and Honor band , we will come to a conclusion at the end which one will be better for you. The Mi band HRX is the most affordable fitness tracker in India, which is sold for 1299 that is available through Amazon India. You may get confused with name HRX that it may have a heart rate sensor, but sadly it does not have a heart rate sensor. HRX means Hrithik Roshan edition and we don’t know why when they went with that name. When you open the box, you will see band itself, similar to MI band 2 tracker in size and shape. If you look at both of them, it is obvious that it does not have the heart rate sensor at the back, but the Mi band 2 is more expensive at around 2000 rupees

Xiaomi is given a battery life of the HRX edition about 23 days. The original Mi band 2 can work for 15- 16 days with a full charge, so definitely as this lack a heart rate sensor it saves some battery life. The box contains the tracker, and standard rubber band for the tracker, manual booklet and charger, since the charger is proprietary do not loose it. The tracker is IP67 so you can actually splash water on it safely. The display for the tracker is a small OLED display. It has Bluetooth 4.0 support, and it supports both apple and android. Make sure to install the Mifit app in your smartphone.

Before switching on the Mi band HRX please make sure to charge the tracker, while booting with tracker for the first time it will sync with your smart phone and you have to log in with your MI account in the app. For the app, click add device and chose your band and the app will scan for the nearby band. The syncing will happen over Bluetooth, the pairing can take over a minute. The app will automatically show the HRX version and the battery percentage of the tracker. If you have your old band paired to your MI app, you need to unlink it first before pairing the new Mi band HRX tracker.

The tracker tracks the number of steps, active time, distance in kilometer and calories burned.The only advantage is the battery life and light weight. But the heart rate sensor of the Mi band 2 was not accurate, so if you are a person who is not bothered about the heart rate tracking, and you want affordable version you can definitely choose the Mi band HRX edition, but you are worried about accurate heart and sleep tracking we would recommend the honor band 3.

The only negative with Honor band 3 is the price, it sells for around 2800 (1800 with discount) Rupees in Amazon India and the battery life is around 7 days. So final verdict

If you need a basic tracker for tracking step (super long battery life) – choose HRX Edition
If you need a basic teacher with heart rate sensor – choose Mi band 2
If you need an accurate tracker for tracking steps and sleep with heart rate sensor – choose Honor Band 3

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